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Electrolysis is THE ONLY FDA APPROVED METHOD FOR PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Laser Hair Removal is effective and safe for reducing unwanted hair, but it is not the only or best option for certain types of hair. If you have gray, red, blonde, or fine hair, Electrolysis is the treatment you should use.


Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal if you have unwanted hair. This treatment is effective for those with any skin type, skin color, hair color, or hair type. This procedure is suitable for any area on your body where you want to remove unwanted hair. Whether you have grown hair on parts of your body that you do not want due to metabolic, heredity, or hormonal reasons, Electrolysis will remove it. This treatment permanently removes your unwanted hair and creates a glowing, more confident you. Using advanced technology, Electrolysis limits the level of destruction within your hair follicles and targets only the germ cells. This system protects your skin and
prevents new hair growth.

At Weight and Body Solutions, our licensed and experienced aestheticians in hair removal treatments use laser technologies through Electrolysis to permanently remove unwanted hair from anywhere on your body.

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