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Vascular (Spider Veins)


At L’essence, we specialize in treating vascular lesions such as birthmarks and spider veins. In most cases, these lesions are caused by a combination of genetic factors, lifestyle choices and environmental influences. Sitting for long periods of time, being overweight, pregnancy and standing for lengthy periods of time can all be associated with the development of vascular lesions.

What is Vasculaze?

Vasculaze is the new, cutting-edge laser treatment that brings you a more youthful and blemish-free complexion. By precisely targeting the root of the problem – blood vessels at fault for discoloration and other visual imperfections – this advanced solution can improve a wide variety of vascular concerns on your face and elsewhere. Vasculaze gives you precise results so you can enjoy beautiful skin without worry or embarrassment.

How does vasculaze work?

The Vasculaze laser is a revolutionary treatment that works by targeting the pigment in visible veins, disrupting them and allowing the body to reroute flow to healthy veins. This process causes the treated veins to die and be absorbed as waste by the body. In cases where birthmarks are present, Vasculaze laser energy is absorbed by their pigment, breaking it up and ultimately destroying it. As a result, the body naturally absorbs these particles and flushes them out. This treatment is fast and effective, allowing patients to quickly get back to their lives without worrying about visible veins or birthmarks.

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Vasculaze is an innovative treatment for spider veins and other vascular lesions. It offers a wide range of benefits to patients, such as improved appearance, increased comfort, and reduced risk of complications. Other benefits are

  • Offers an effective, non-invasive solution for spider veins and other vascular lesions
  • Provides a smoother and younger-looking skin
  • Enhances beauty and boosts self-esteem
  • Quick procedure
  • High degree of accuracy with treatment
  • Equipped with contact cooling tip to minimize discomfort
  • Can be used on face, décolleté, legs, arms & upper thighs
  • Fast recovery time for patients
  • Safe for all skin tones/types including rosacea & redness
  • Treatments target telangiectasia, broken capillaries or spider veins.
  • Results visible as early as one session.
  • Minimal to no downtime required for recovery.
  • Cost effective compared to other laser treatments.


Vasculaze is a highly effective treatment for many individuals with vascular lesions, regardless of skin type or color. To be considered an ideal candidate for the procedure, there are several qualifications that must first be met.

  • First and foremost, patients should not have recently tanned their skin or exposed it to long stretches of sunlight.
  • Are not taking any blood thinning medications or supplements, or if they are taking these substances, they should be able to stop taking them.


If you meet all of the criteria above and would like to learn more about how Vasculaze can help you restore your skin’s youthful appearance and remove those unsightly vascular lesions, please contact us for a free consultation.