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Female Sexual Health

Men and women both have testosterone. A woman needs a certain amount of testosterone to function properly, however, it is about ninety percent less than a man needs. Typically, women who no longer feel the need to be intimate have been found to have little to no testosterone. This condition can happen in young as well as older women. The reason for little to no testosterone in women can result from:

  • Menopause
  • Age
  • Birth control that permanently shuts down testosterone production in the body
  • Anti-depressants that permanently shut down testosterone production in the body
  • Pain medication can also shut testosterone production in a body
  • Increased fats

Treating Female Sexual Health

To treat a female’s sexual health, a physician will check her blood levels. The results of this test are discussed, after which, a low dose of testosterone from a pharmacy compound is put into a cream for her to use every day. This cream is typically enough to return a woman’s desires and sexual functions.

A hormone cream will absorb differently in each patient, so generally, feedback is requested from a patient, along with follow-up labs to determine if the testosterone levels need adjusting. For some patients, the cream is not a sufficient treatment to revive their sexual functions.

If the cream does not revive a woman’s sexual functions, a different compound called ‘scream cream’ may be introduced. This compound is comprised of:

  • Sildenafil citrate
  • L-Arginine
  • Ergoloid Mesylate
  • Amino phylline
  • Testosterone


The compound is applied to a woman’s labia before having sex. The ingredients in the compound work much like the Viagra medication for men. This compound restores blood flow to the vaginal area, to help with sexual arousal. The increase in blood flow to the vaginal area will increase sensitivity and make the woman more sexually aroused.

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